My name is Richard Felerer, but everybody knows me as Riky. Based in Milan, Italy, I’ve been shooting snowsports (ski and snowboarding), mountainsports (climbing, bouldering, big mountain), fashion and still life for the last 20 years. I’ve been editor in chief of several magazines, like Onboard, Snowboardmag and others, and staff photographer with Alp.


In recent times I started to develop my skills as filmmaker and movie editor.

My images have been published on magazines and ad campaigns in all the world most important sport magazines, like Transworld, Alpinist, Onboard europe, Klettern, OntheEdge, Climb Magazine, Climax, Monster backside, Alp, Pareti, Meridiani, Sport Week, Max, Maxim and more on.

The movies I have been working at simply as a cameraman or more over like a filmmaker or editor are having excellent results in hits, lectures and Film Festivals.

Just to mention some of them, Hyknusa, Sardinia Block Scouting, Zembrocal and The waiting Game (with Story Teller).

On the commercial part, I’ve been shooting images for cathalogues and ads for brands like The North Face, Vibram, CAMP, Cassin, Nitro Snowboards, Rossignol, Kong, Adidas, Eider, Df Sport Specialist and more on.

I have been following athlets allorver the world in expeditions like Chile, Baffin, Greenland, or in great trips to California, La Reunion, South Africa, Korea. On the same level, I can manage every kind of shooting or project, from a company profile to a great expedition.

I am very thankfull to the clients/supporters I work with, like CAMP, La Sportiva, Vibram, Kaestle, Polartec, Zulupack, GoPro, The North Face, The Lecco Spiders.

I am friend to Versante Sud publishing company, specialized in climbing and outdoor guides, and Johnson Media, outdoor magazines publisher.

I use Nikon.



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