2014: one year of photos

I won’t bother you with videos, that’s another story.

Here we talk about pictures.


One year of stories, works and adventure, where del border is not evident.

I am sure my is the best job possible, I wouldn’t change it for nothing.

Here you’ll find the most important highlights of the photos I’ve done in this 2014, where I will tell you about work, personal life, dreams and some suffering.

I started, as usual, in Sardinia, this time with Lecco Spiders. Luca Schiera, Fabio Palma, Silvano, Dimitri (AKA Satana) and others that where in the van!



_DSC0635 _DSC1432 _DSC1347

I soon moved with Pietro Porro to Austria, at Babsi’s (thanx for hosting us!) to start a project is with Jacopo Larcher with Lasportiva, on the dangerous “Prinzip Offnung”, one of the hardest trad routes in europe_DSC2489 _DSC2631

Still the video project has to be finished, but the route is done. Also by Barbara Zangler!

The cold was getting into, and with the mate Paolo Marazzi we jumped in the car to partecipate at the KOD, where we “only” arrived 3rd. Great contest, stunning adventure!


north wind / south wind!

_DSC1911 _DSC1956 _DSC2193

Than a short post-it: never eat yellow snow!

_DSC1853 _DSC1849In the meanwhile, with C.A.M.P and Matteo Rivadossi we started to work on one of the industry upcoming real news: the belaying device called Matik. Soon you’ll see the results!


Never stop! It’s only march, jump on the bike and shoot for 4MTBike magazine for a cover. Yeah!


Pack my gear and go to Lake of Como for a new project with Fabio Palma and Centrolario, check on FB what’s going on!


In the night the lights are more brilliant than ever. Why not? Let’s have a bike tour in my home town and check just things out!

E domani che tempo farà?

E domani che tempo farà?

4 5

Wake up, have breakfast and ride it long with Davide Grimoldi to Saint Victoire, to shoot at the Vibram Trailrunning team.

Simply epic. Check on company website the results!


Once back, I could shoot for CAMP again with two climbing legends. The local hero Ottavio Fazzini and the man: Stefan Glowacz!


Luna NAscente, Val di Mello


Stefan Glowacz

_DSC3970 _DSC6888 _DSC6780

Uff, almost tired, I’d say! Not possible, the Badile is calling us! Could be good for a winterstyle ascent. With Matteo Bernasconi, the rising star Luca Schiera and Giuliano Bordoni we went for it!

After that, never forget the NON commercial things that make life a nice thing to live: CADDA PARTY!

Rolando su "The doors"

Rolando su “The doors”

Pubblico non pagante per lo show di Daniele Bianchi

Pubblico non pagante per lo show di Daniele Bianchi


Daniele Bianchi on his first 8a!

Antichi gesti

Antichi gesti

Than a quick interview with my mate Marco Melloni with David Lama for Redbull_DSC4691

and it’s time to move back to France, Verdon, for Johnson Media and FIAT automotive group

_DSC5331 _DSC4980 _DSC5620 _DSC5955

Than bad times: knee injury and start again. So far I culd not move properly, I just rode my bcycle into the past. To one place where I spent a epic year, at Ticino Park.


100 km with that bike isn’t that bad!

Ok, knee is almost good, let’s move for the big one: South Africa with my real great friends James, Caroline, Pietro and my only girlfriend! Thanks to Wild Country, TNF and Lasportiva.

_DSC8389 _DSC8423 _DSC8601 _DSC9201 _DSC9468

Simply stunning!

Life is ok, knee is almost ok. Time for a real idiot adventure: Fuori di Cresta with my mate Paolo Marazzi!

10523225_10204412581538332_2681738160783849822_n DSCN2259

Alomost done… only almost!

Than a comeback. Jacopo’s biggest mistake. His project on 3 Cime, in the most rainy summer ever!

_DSC0685 _DSC0494.jpg

Here you can see the only sunny day in July.

I spent 4 trips there, ok, could be worse. Jacopo was risking a mental hospital recovery…

In case of emergency… there’s always Cadarese, where he could climb, have fun and the weather was pleasant enough to allow us to work for the sponsor (Lasportiva).

Featured Image -- 1532

Jacopo on the legendary pitch “the doors”


Back in the car again, to Vevey, for a CAMP safety work: amazing guys!


Back to back with Jacopo again, who eventually I can say become a good friend, in the sense of friendship, for the amount of time we spent together and for the fact he is a really nice person! Beyond working. Time to find Supercyrill in conditions. I think 3rd attempt! (not to climb: to find it dry!)


Puff, tired. Time for a holyday. Straight to the Peak with Spini, Tambo and Miky! Where else could you relax yourself?!?

_DSC2991 _DSC2692

and than… time to start the clock again in Sardinia, where it all started!

With Matteo Della Bordella and Fabio, we went back to a place where good friendship rise and eventually fall. Time will tell!

_DSC4161  _DSC1497 _DSC4165 _DSC4349

Thanx to my friends

thanx to the companies that support me, my projects and sometimes my dreams












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