driving to work

My way to the office is never crowded!

And my office is out there, always in wonderful places with beautiful people.

That is what I would love people to think about me.

And it happens a lot of times, to be honest!

But there is a dark side, there is always one.

In the world we are living, getting “pulci” (Fleas) is a bad thing.

And to be honest it’s not one of my favorite jobs looking for fleas in my underwear.

Starting the hypocondriac research of the funny and little jumping insects every time that I need to scratch some part of my body, somehow could become uncomfortable.

Both for me and for my living in a society crowded of people who are used to wash themselves pretty much, maybe more than necessary.

And I’m not blaming this behavior, as I am not happy when my girlfriend kicks me and my gear on the balcony looking for some remedy to the problem.

Yes, I could say that it sucks, having some little and hidden guest trying to survive in the secrets of your body and your clothing.

Fleas they where on my way to the office a few days ago, and they have been working with me for a few days.

But at the end of the story, somehow I’m happy I could get in touch with them.

It’s all about the fact that we are not amy more used to deal with half of the subjects of old tales.

Man at work

Man at work




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