Sardegna, goodbye (or maybe arrivederci!)

Questo slideshow richiede JavaScript.

Questo slideshow richiede JavaScript.

Ten days of hard work for the two pairs of climbers and media people! After a long and interesting research of the hardest, or maybe only the nicest routes in Sardinia, James Pearson and Caroline Ciavaldini tuned their brand new (old) van to have a one month check of the multipitches on the famous italian island.
Trying to adapt their climbing skills into a new world, our trip was about filming and shooting the couple, in the process to understand the infinite amount of “if” that divides the sending 10 pitches in a crag and 10 pitches on a wall.
The job has been long and sometimes frustrating, because beyond my being sure of the nice weather (“james: in Sardinia the sun is always shining, and if not, it dries in half a day…”), it has been raining for most of the last month. For this reason, James and Caro had to force the rythms and enjoy some nice and drippng wet tufas on the hard and demanding routes of the bold and ground-up bolters like Larcher, Vigiani, Dal Prà, Vago and others.Despite the wet weather, the climbing duo had no problems in sending everything they planned to do but the Dulac-Andrada route at the Gorropu Gorge.  One of the most amazing natural monuments in Sardinia, but maybe not the best line to climb (the only one bolted when rapelling), certainaly not now, when the first pitches were absolutely wet.
At the end of the day, the trip has turned into a random climbing photo and film session (but amazing eating), sometimes on already done pitches, sometimes during the first ascents, that adds something special to the result, we were fortunate to spend a lot of time in magical places where we had the opportunity to simply to enjoy life as it is, trying to get into the deep of the culture of the climbing and the ethics, and sometimes discover a little of the man that came before the climber.
The project that Pietro Porro and I have been shootig is a research of two “class A” climbers, begining to explore the world of the multipitch.  We watch

the pair discover the bolting, the problems, the logistics, the fears, the excitement, and the secrets – testing the waters, learning from mistakes, and coming home with memories never to forget.

(very romantic!)


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